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D4 Discussion

It appears there will be a Mighty Ducks 4. I should be thrilled, right? My fandom is getting another instalment. Yay. Actually, I’m completely indifferent. Discussions with Craig on fan fic (believe me, his post about fan fic will eventually hit LJ, even if I have to tie him to the chair to… tie… um… what was I saying?), have revealed that I prefer the Ducks fandom to the movies.

Also, I heard that Josh Jackson had stated that it would take “decades of unemployment” to get him to do another Ducks movie. Wonder how much they’re paying him.

Another thing: You guys do realise that this will only make more bloody Josh Jackson fangirls (omg! pacey is so fawkin hawt! *rapes him*) types invading the fandom, don’t you?


What are your thoughts?

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