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*sighs* I guess we can't live in bliss forever. Give me a break...

At least it's better than all the stuff The Evil One has been posting. Perhaps she's finally gone? Hm. Anyway...Found this one while browsing the fandom. Made my head hurt.

TITLE: All I Ever Wanted and Needed

AUTHOR: LightHope1

NAME(S): Emma Larks

AFFILIATION: New girl at Eden Hall. Sound familiar? I'm getting a vague sense of deja vu...


EYE COLOUR: I don't really remember. I wasn't paying close attention. It's probably in there though.

SPECIAL POSESSIONS/HOBBIES/TALENTS: "The highest IQ" of her old school and "a talent with hockey that nobody could understand." The ability to make all the male Ducks "gawk" at her as she walks away. *throws up*

HISTORY: Got taken from her old school and moved by her parents because she's just TOO smart! Apparently her parents "abandoned" her (omg teh agnst!!!1!one!!)

CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: Several classes with Ducks. I think she likes Dwayne, but I'm not sure...Yeah, I think she does. My poor little Dwayne...He got Sued.

DOES S/HE PLAY HOCKEY? IF SO DETAILS: Naturally. What Sue would be complete without it? Oh, and even better, she's joined the Ducks! Surprise surprise! But of course this doesn't happen without them all gushing about how great she is and her "awesome shot" which probably rivals Fulton's. *sighs and shakes head again*

NOTES: It was hard to read because there were several large paragraphs, and it just hurt my eyes. It's not as bad as one big paragraph, but I tell you it was a painful experience. Why must we get all these Sues? And maybe it's just me, but I find it annoying that she keeps calling Dwayne "Cowboy" as if it's his name...It just annoys me personally. It's a nickname, but that just grates on my nerves. They call him that occasionally, but not as if it's his name. *sighs* This one couldn't even be the rare case where the author has good spelling and grammar and SPACING either...Man, now my head hurts...*whimpers*


The Ducks lost track of Emma when she claimed she had a free period for her last class. They all gawked at her (*sighs* Why? Tell my WHY?!) and she smiled and said “Ciao!” She made a detour to her locker and headed towards the skating rink. She opened the door to her new domain and it was huge. She found a good place to put her stuff. Emma grabbed her ice skates and put them on and then grabbed a smaller bag holding her pucks and her stick.
As a go away present her old team had gotten this for her. She missed them dearly and felt different, out of place at Eden Hall. (Yes, Sue! No one likes you! Go away!) Her jersey was the last part of her old team she had and when she hit the ice she felt like they were playing with her. Emma threw out all the pucks on the ice and swirled around them and started hitting them. They gave her no problems. She when hit them again and again. As she finished her fifth time Emma felt a watchful eye on her. At the moment she looked at the gazing eyes of the cowboy Dwayne. She quickly looked away, grabbing her pucks and stick, iced off the rink. Dwayne was quicker then she thought he was in front of her by the time she had her roller blades on.
“Where did you learn to shoot like that?” Cowboy asked crossing his arms in front of her. (Does that sound vaguely familiar to anyone else? Hm? A show of hands?) “Back home in North Carolina. With my team backed me up!” “Well, why not play for the ducks?” “I don’t want to Dwayne and please stay away from me including the ducks!” Emma gave Dwayne an unusual smile and skated off.
Dwayne went to talk to Coach because he wanted Emma on the team and thought the girl need friends. He also liked her because she was special to him. (Oh yes. Sue is VERY special...*snickers*) Emma skated to her dorm room she shared with 2 preppy cheerleaders. It wasn’t her fault she got stuck with them but they were uncaring and stuck up! When she had put up her hockey poster on her side of the room they about freaked and glared at her. “Emma, You need to get a new hobby like umm...Cheerleading! You could pass for one with a little help with that blond hair and nails.” Shrieked Marisa. Emma grabbed her laptop and books and yelled, “I rather be a hockey player then ever be a cheerleader! If I get any messages tell them I’m at the library or mess hall!”
She grabbed a jacket that would keep her warm from the chill night. She ran for the mess hall for a decent dinner. Her blond hair was in a half ponytail and her face was freezing. She missed home so much. She ate a bowl of chilly (It's chili, dear. Chili.) for dinner and study for English and History. Her wits needed finer tweaking. As she finished studying at the mess hall, she saw the ducks leaving and heading to their dorms or home if they lived near by. Charlie spotted her out with her navy white (Navy white? There's a such thing as navy white?) jacket. Emma snaked around a group going to the mess hall and headed towards the ice rink. She didn’t care who saw her she wanted to have some fun. Charlie, Dwayne and coach fallowed her (Because, you know, Charlie, Dwayne, and the COACH have nothing better to do with their lives then stalk Sue). They had left hockey pucks and a stick for her. She had her skates with her and started playing. The coach saw her shoot and couldn’t believe it. The coach ran onto the ice grabbed her arm and asked her to be on the team. Emma nodded shocked he was talking to her. She looked past him to see Dwayne’s grin and nod. Charlie ran onto the ice and hugged her and said, “Welcome to the team Emma!” Emma smiled and hugged him back, “Thank you Charlie for believing in me.” (*tear* Not! How dare you speak to my Charlie! Funny how she's whistling a different tune now. Poor Sue. So conflicted and psycho...) He pulled away and let Dwayne hug her. He was taller then Charlie and made her feet leave the ground. She held on and her eyes brimmed up, how could one thing like this make her feel like this? Dwayne let go and Emma went back to reality. Back home she would never have acted like this! A small voice in her head spoke up you not home anymore! Remember your parents abandoned you! (Omg teh agnst!!1!one!!1!) Her hardness came back in a flash. “Thank you Coach for this great opportunity! I will be at practice tomorrow.” Then Emma skated off the skates leaving Dwayne and Charlie looking at her with confusion on their faces. Emma skated home books in her hockey bag thinking over what she had just done. Was she so crazy to think this would work? Adam rang the dorm bell with Charlie leaning against a wall. Marissa answered the door and instead of her date to the school dance she found two guys waiting for Emma. Marissa yelled up to Emma side of the dorm. “You got company Emma! Its some of your hockey friends!” She shouted. Emma came to the door way her eyes grew sadder because (Dwayne wasn’t there!) Charlie didn’t notice but went up the stairs, “Where have you been darling? You’re a mess!” (Oh yes, because Charlie will be calling her darling after one day of knowing her. *facepalm*) Emma looked down at her torn and dirty jeans. She had spent the day horseback riding at the local ranch. She was a little rusty because she hadn’t ridden in 2 years. “O yea I went umm... Horseback riding!” Emma mumbled. Charlie grinned.

Ugh. Okay, I'll stop now. I just got a bit carried away. And the spacing is all hers...I'm too lazy to seperate it out at the moment...Oh, and at the end (after I stopped) she goes on to add another character who was supposedly little Miss Sue's "best friend" and fellow hockey player, and his name's Jason. I guess they dated or something. But she's in "love" with Dwayne. Poor, poor Dwayne. *sighs* I think I'm gonna go weep for the fandom some more...This is depressing me. *slinks away to cry*
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Has TV and movies made society so un-creative that they can't seem to be creative at all?

How many times am I going to read 'New Gurl @ Eden Hall' until my head finally pops off?

Girls, I know it's hard but stop beating the same old drum.
As glad as I am that the evil one is gone, there's still net-speak.

Get this through your head.

Net-speak = Bad

Chelsea, I was about to do this but you beat me to it. Oh well, unfortunately, where there's one, there's got to be more.

I went to high school. Even thought I'm a bad example of this,hense the angst , most people are genearally happy in high school. At some
point or another.

And wouldn't most people be thrilled to be going to a private school. When my parents told me that they decided to put me in public school, I cried for weeks. I don't care what people say. Private school is ten times better then the public system.

And for crying out loud, after you upload your story on, there's this thing called Edit. From there, you can view your story before you post it. It has all these things. Spell check and bolding. All good stuff. And if your format does not put spaces in for you *this has happened to me before*, you can change it. It's only two minutes of your time.

::sighs:: I know what you mean. It's just so...infuriating!

Ha ha. I beat ya to it! ^_~ Lol...

I know I'm a generally happy teenager, and I'm in high school. Most my friends are happy. In know I angst up Charlie, but canon angst and Sue angst are two completely different things.

I went to a Christian private school myself whenever I was in the first and second grade, but then I switched to public schooling. I also find it odd that Sues always hate going to Eden Hall. Personally, I'd think it was an honor. But that could just be me, ya know. Silly Chelsea.

I agree about the editing thing! It is not that difficult! And the spacing thing has happened to me before, but I caught it before uploading. That's what "Preview" is for... ::gasp:: So that is what previewing it is for! What a shocking concept!

It's just annoying how they put so little effort into it. It makes us look bad because they can't spell or space out the story. ::sighs:: So sad...

Another thing. Not everyone who goes to Eden Hall plays hockey. I mean, I went to a hockey christian academy and everyone did play hockey there, but shhhh....not the point. Isn't there other clubs in school? I bet there was a debate team. Or drama. Or band. Or maybe people can play basketball or something. Or maybe, just maybe, they just attended Eden Hall as a regular student.

In case anyone hasn't noticed, the reason the board wants to take the scholarships away is because they're mad because they pay tution. There is such thing as going to a private school without having a super talent. It's called having yuppie parents. That's most of the EH student body.
No kidding... ::sighs::

Another thing. I'm making a list.

Just because you don't go to school with someone doesn't mean that you can't have a relationship with them. I mean, there's got to be other schools in St. Paul. It's a big city. I'm not sure how big but there's other schools. Trust me.

I mean, the ducks, maybe with the exception of Charlie, may indeed have a life outside hockey. Most people have more then one thing that they do. The ducks are more then just one-dimentional. It's not hockey, hockey, hockey all the time. Maybe one of them is involved in community service. Like Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Or maybe they do other things in their free time where they get to socialize and interact with people who don't go to their school.
I'm not sure about how big St. Paul alone is. When it's combined with Minneapolis it's pretty big. The Twin Cities always seem to be paired together for everything. I always thought the Ducks were done mostly in Minneapolis and Bloomington (a suburb) because that's where Mickey's Diner and the Mall Of America are.

I can't see how people can have just their teammates as their friends and no one else. It's just not plausible. My school is tiny though so it hasn't really been a problem making friends like it would be in a big city in a new school where pretty much everyone is richer than you like the Ducks. I mean look at Charlie. He met Linda pretty quick. All the Ducks must have met some other people.
I know; it's insane. But noooo! We would want them to have friends OUTSIDE of hockey! No life exists OUTSIDE of hockey! What are you thinking, Mary? Lol...just kidding. Like with Jesse, I doubt they stopped being his friend just because of Eden Hall. Sure, he could have moved, but Peter? Karp? Tammy? Tommy? What about them? Did they all move away? Come on. Seriously. ::sighs::

Yeah...I agree completely. I can see Connie and Guy involved in a Big Brothers/Big Sisters thing personally...but yeah. I agree.

Yes canon *cough-Charlie* angst is good. Very good. Sue Angst = Emmy poking eyeballs out and giving them to Jesse Hall to use as hockey pucks.
Hehehe. Nicely said. ^_^ Was I sensing a subliminal message there? ^_~

Much love!

I can't believe people are STILL using this plot! Come on! There has gto to be some creativity somewhere in there!! *looks inside writers mind* *i scarred for life* Um... maybe I shouldn't have looked... It was kind of scary in there. Stupid me! Bad Emmy!! *hits self*
::sighs:: I can't believe it either. You think they would get a clue. They know we don't like Sues. They know we're going to bash them. They know they're evil. Why do they keep doing it?

::latches on to Dwayne protectively:: be gone with you sue! i noticed so many mistakes here it made me weep for the fandom. I seem to be doing a lot of that ::weeps with chelsea::

I can't take this anymore!

I know...I didn't have the time, energy, or will to attempt to correct her mistakes. ::continues to weep with Allie:: The horror!

It's like it's impossible to not be the new girl. Normal,everyday people attend Eden Hall, willingly. You don't have to be a goddamn relative, you don't have to be frighenly new, and you don't have to come on scholarship. WHY DON'T PEOPLE GET IT? My goodness, at least when I authored a Sue((which I am very sorry and very ashamed about *blushes and puts head down*))she went to the school, like a normal student!

And another thing, everything doesn't have to take place during D3...stupid people.((Not you guys, the lovely *gags* Sue authors.))

Had to get that out...

Love ya,