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TITLE: Haunted // and with a title like that, you just know the Sue will have an angsty past.

AUTHOR: curlysara26

SUMMARY: A new girl with a tragic past enrolls in Eden Hall and catches the eye of Captain Duckie. Will her past tear them apart, or pull them together? I know this type of story’s been done before but please read. UPDATED! // If you know it’s been done before, why do it again?

NAME(S): Kyla

AFFILIATION: Julie’s roommate. The only Goth in the entire school. So very speshul - especially since being a Goth is now pretty much obligatory since bloody Evanescence released their angst-riddled album. As a side note, I blame Evanescence for the amount of Goths in fics recently. If they didn’t have lyrics such as “my wounds cry for the grave, my soul cries for deliverance, will I be denied? Christ, tourniquet, my suicide” the fangirls probably wouldn’t think that depression is cool.

I’ve removed hair and eye colour and put in description instead. Hope nobody minds.
DESCRIPTION: “He took in the girl quickly, from her long straight hair that had been dyed a deep black, to her dull hazel eyes that were hidden beneath heavy layers of black eyeliner. Her face was pale with powder, and her lips were painted a deep red, which served as the only color in her outfit. She wore a baggy black sweater that swallowed her body, and baggy black jeans.” [the ‘he’ being Charlie]

About her hair, black is black, it’s an absolute colour, you can’t have light, dark or deep black, it’s just black. One shade fits all. *sigh* Making her eyes dull does not un-Sue her, and really, she’s hardly a Goth. I wore eyeliner to my job interview yesterday and I have a naturally pale complexion, add that to my black suit, am I a Goth? Not any more.

I think the baggy clothes are to disguise her femininity because she’s been raped, by either Rick Riley or someone who looks like him. I only got to chapter two, the angst was too boring to go any further, but she never stops crying, has nightmares, wears baggy clothes and is terrified of Rick Riley. Has anyone else put the pieces together to figure out the very shocking plot-twist? Yeah? Great. Guess we don’t need to read any further.

SPECIAL POSESSIONS/HOBBIES/TALENTS: The absolute inability to be nice to anyone, to start wibbling and crying every time Riley appears and to be immediately invited into the Ducks group.

HISTORY: Deep, dark, angsty past, not revealed in chapter two (where I stopped reading) but bound to be rape.

CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: Well, Charlie is obsessed with her.

DOES S/HE PLAY HOCKEY? IF SO DETAILS: Not yet, maybe she does further into the fic, but I’m not going there.

NOTES: This writer is actually really good, (despite her obsession with describing everyone as “young woman” and “young man”), it’s a shame she’s intent on suing up all fandoms that interest her, because she really has talent. Sadly, she’s got a Sue in Slytherin in the HP fandom too. Pretty much all of her stories feature a new character.


Chapter 1 ~ Where she catches Charlie’s eye
     “Hey Charlie.” Goldberg said as the Duck’s captain joined the group of hockey players outside Eden Hall’s auditorium. Charlie high-fived his friends, many of whom he hadn’t seen since school had let out for the previous summer.

     “What’s up guys?” Charlie asked as the team stood around.

     “”Just waiting for the stupid assembly to start.” Portman said glancing over his shoulder at the entrance to the hall.

     “Great.” Charlie said sarcastically. Suddenly somebody bumped into the hockey player. Charlie turned to see who had knocked into him.

     He took in the girl quickly, from her long straight hair that had been dyed a deep black, to her dull hazel eyes that were hidden beneath heavy layers of black eyeliner. Her face was pale with powder, and her lips were painted a deep red, which served as the only color in her outfit. She wore a baggy black sweater that swallowed her body, and baggy black jeans. She mumbled an apology and continued quickly on her way.

     “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Goth around here.” Fulton said as they watched the mysterious girl walk away. (shocking! A Goth! How very scary!)

     “What’s a Goth?” Dwayne asked. (Dwayne is not that stupid!)

     “You have GOT to get off the farm more often cowboy.” Russ replied with a shake of his head. Charlie barely heard the conversation going on around him. He could still see the mystery girl’s eyes. They had been so haunted that they would not easily leave his mind.

     “Hey man you coming?” Russ’s question and the slap on his arm brought Charlie from his thoughts.

     “What?” He asked startled.

     “The assembly.” Kenny said, “It’s about to start.”

     “Oh yeah.” Charlie said following his teammates into the assembly hall, his eyes searching out the young Goth.

Chapter 2 ~ Where Sue’s angsty past is hinted at in a trés unsubtle way
     The cafeteria was crowed and boisterous as the many students that boarded at Eden Hall settled in for dinner. Kyla made her way through the room searching for a seat, while at the same time keeping an eye out for her roommate.

     Julie had come back to their room after hockey practice to change clothes for dinner, and had offered to save Kyla a seat. But Kyla didn’t want to sit with Julie, and she didn’t want to be friends with Julie. She wanted to simply get through this school year and return home to her mom. (so why was she keeping an eye out for her?)

     “Well what do we have here?” Kyla looked up at the man that stood in her path. His arms were crossed in front of him; his brown eyes bore into hers before devouring her body in one crude look. Kyla shivered involuntarily. Something inside her screamed run, while the other part of her kept her rooted to her spot in fear. She gripped the tray she held tightly, ready to flee should she need to.

     “You got a name sweetheart?” he asked with a lewd smile.

     “Leave me alone.” Kyla replied quietly as she tried to walk past him. He moved to block her path. Kyla’s heart leaped into her throat. This couldn’t be happening, not again. She looked around anxiously, hoping that someone was watching and would come to her rescue. Kyla noticed Julie sitting at a table not far away, surrounded by a handful of guys. Mentally Kyla called out to her, and as if she could hear, Julie looked over at her before whispering something to the burly guy sitting beside her. He nodded once and got up, followed by the four other guys at the table. (Because it wouldn't just look like the surly Sue had been chatting with Riley? She was surly to Julie when she met her, and now she's talking to Riley, wouldn't Julie just shrug and think "Ah, assholes of a feather stick together"?)

     “Hey Riley, what’s up?” The burly one asked with a sarcastic smile when they approached.

     “Back off.” Riley snarled.

     “I’m just asking a friendly question.” The guy replied feigning hurt.

     “Yeah right.” Riley said.

     “I don’t believe we’ve met.” The guy said turning to Kyla, “I’m Portman.”

     “Kyla.” She replied shaking his proffered hand.

     “Would you like to sit with us?” Portman asked with a quick glance at Riley.

… boring dialogue until…

     “Don’t let Riley get to you.” Russ said, “He’s just a big creep who thinks he runs the place.”

     “As long as you stick with us non of the varsity will lay a hand on you,” Portman said, “They don’t like to admit it, but they’re scared of us.” The Ducks laughed loudly at Portman’s joke. Kyla smiled slightly, still slightly uneasy around the group. She looked out around the cafeteria and caught Riley’s gaze. He was watching her like a hawk watches its prey. Kyla shuddered with fear and knew that he wasn’t done messing with her, whether she hung with the Ducks or not.

Chapter 2 ~ More Angst
     As soon as the bell rang, signaling the end of class, Kyla made a quick exit. She made her way down the hall to her locker so that she could change books for her next class. Kyla opened her locker, switched books, and closed it to see someone leaning up against the locker beside hers staring at her.

     “Well it looks like I’ve got you all to myself now.” Said Riley making himself comfortable against the locker next to Kyla’s, “Your bodyguards are falling down on the job.” Kyla suddenly found her shoes very interesting, and studied them intently as Riley stood there leering at her.

     “Wh...what do you...what do you want?” she stuttered, searching for a possible escape.

     “What, I can’t simply greet one of the new students?” Riley asked. Kyla looked up at him and saw the mocking in his eyes.

     “Leave me alone.” She said more boldly than she felt. Kyla turned to walk away when the hockey player grabbed her arm in a tight, vice like grip.

     “Now don’t be like that.” Riley sneered as Kyla bit her lip to hold back a whimper at his tight grip.

     “Let her go Riley.” Kyla turned at the sound of the harsh voice. Her eyes widened as she saw the boy that sat next to her in English.

     “Oh I’m so scared,” Riley said sarcastically, “please don’t hurt me Captain Ducky.” His grip tightened on Kyla’s arm with each taunting word. A tear sprung to Kyla’s eye as her arm began to grow numb.

     Nightmarish images flashed before Kyla’s eyes. Images of things that had happened in the past, things that she never wanted to have to think about again. But they were there now, taunting her. Riley’s grip tightened more, and Kyla’s mind brought up similar memories, but they were memories that did not end with a person coming to her aid. There was no savior in Kyla’s past, only devils and demons disguised as people who wanted to help.

     Tears fell unbidden down Kyla’s cheeks as she stood there. Her breathing became ragged and she wanted to cry out for it to all stop. She began to struggle against Riley’s hold, trying to regain her freedom. Surprised, Riley’s grip loosened enough for her to pull her arm free. But the Warrior regained his senses quickly and reached again for her arm. Kyla’s mystery rescuer saw this and put himself in between Riley and Kyla.

     “Leave her alone Riley.” He seethed, “Or you’re gonna have to mess with me.”

     “I’m shaking in my shoes.” Riley replied with a sarcastic laugh. Kyla listened to them, but her memories were still floating before her. She clutched her head between her hands, hoping to apply enough pressure to stop the flow of memories, as if they were simply a cut that you could easily stop from bleeding. She fell against the lockers, trying to find support. Her knees were shaking, and her legs would not hold her. Slowly, Kyla sank to the ground, the tears leaving streaks on her face and washing away the powder that was in their path. Her mascara was running, causing the black to mix with the white powder on her face.
     She could hear somebody walking away and looked up to see her savoir standing above her with a concerned look on his face.

     “Are you okay?” He asked crouching down beside her. Kyla gulped, he was too close, and she needed to get away from him.

     “Get away from me.” She cried as she stood quickly, causing the boy to fall over. She looked down at him quickly before fleeing down the hall.

Now, that’s just not a nice way to say thank you. And I've said this before and I'll say it again, Varsity are goons, yes, but they're not complete bastards. They wouldn't make a girl feel so threatened - if they felt like being as bastardly as possible, they would target the guys, maybe Ken, since he's the smallest, but not a girl. As Charisma pointed out to me, remember when Connie stood up to him, he didn't do anything in retaliation. Why, because she's a girl, they wouldn't do that. *sigh*
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