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D4 Discussion

It appears there will be a Mighty Ducks 4. I should be thrilled, right? My fandom is getting another instalment. Yay. Actually, I’m completely indifferent. Discussions with Craig on fan fic (believe me, his post about fan fic will eventually hit LJ, even if I have to tie him to the chair to… tie… um… what was I saying?), have revealed that I prefer the Ducks fandom to the movies.

Also, I heard that Josh Jackson had stated that it would take “decades of unemployment” to get him to do another Ducks movie. Wonder how much they’re paying him.

Another thing: You guys do realise that this will only make more bloody Josh Jackson fangirls (omg! pacey is so fawkin hawt! *rapes him*) types invading the fandom, don’t you?


What are your thoughts?

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I agree, (some) of the writers almost do better than what can be acheived in an 90 minute movie. And from the little 'plot' I read on a sight it sound endlessly lame. :sigh: I hope Steven Brill knows what the hell he's getting this poor fandom into.

Oh and Like OH MY GOH, I like hope there's more to it then that, because like, I mean you know, there were other charecter. :Squee anyway: Whoo hoo, I'll like see the movie like 50 times like, because I like love them so much! If only I like had a brain in order to get the plot line, like. YAY, I hope he's like shirtless!!!!111 one!!!!!

:rolls eyes: Might as well start getting use to it now.
Can we beat the Pacey-fangirls with hockey sticks? Pacey is not Spazway, no matter how much they look alike!

As for the movie itself, it'll be almost impossible to recreate the magic of the originals... the third one basically ended it 'cause Captain Duckie finally grew some wings. Before that, it was all about Bombay and the "surrogate father" relationship he had to Charlie, and the evolution from child to young adult. This one just won't fit in unless they actually accomplish the feat of making the movies come full circle without seeming hokey.