Bec (saturniia) wrote in ducksues,

Just something I've noticed...

Hey, all. I'm new to the community, mainly dropping by as a "lurker". Just decided I'd post because I've just come upon something quite odd. Have you noticed that in all the fanfics posted here, not one Mary-Sue seems to be older than the eldest Duck? They're all either freshmen or transfer students. Not one story about a previously enrolled upperclasswoman (unless maybe she's a cheerleader), not one crush on the girl enrolled in public school who works at the movies on weekends, not one summer fling with a college student they work(ed) with. I mean, come on! Do these kids not have lives beyond campus? Do these students from blue-collar families not have to pay their own way when it comes to pocket money for clothes, off-campus food, or transportation (bus pass, train tickets, etc)? What do they do with their free time during the off-season?!

I guess I'm just ranting because the fandom doesn't seem to think that the Ducks have lives outside hockey, the classrooms, or the dorms... and because the Mary-Sue pool is so completely shallow.

Hmm... anyone dare me to actually try to write an older-woman Sue for you all to take apart?
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I don't dare you to write an older woman Sue. I dare you to write a good fic about the Ducks lives outside of hockey involving an older woman!
LOL... one can only hope. *Devilish smile* The little bunnies are a-hoppin'!

(And when I'm done, you'd probaby tear it all apart, anyway.)
Write, dagnamit! Write an older woman lusting after a Duck. Then give me a link, so I can faithfully review every chapter, as you did for me.
Busy now... maybe later? Within six months, at least.
An older woman Sue? I dare ye!
Your icon is absolutely fabulous!
Thanks! I got it from candied, whose icons are hilarious!