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A New Sue!

Well, a new Sue fic, at least. As far as the Sue heritself is concerned, it's pretty run of the mill. I'm too tired to rip this to shreds properly, but figured I'd supply the link so if anyone else is up for the challenge, they can go for it. Please do. I could use a good laugh. <33Quimby!!1

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Left two rather cold reviews. Couldn't bring myself to read the whole thing, I just skimmed it. It was pretty bad.
I only saw the song in chapter two and was like, "Speewwwwww!"
Ooooh yeah. The song brought my dinner to the back of my throat.
just a run of the mill sue. evil evil evil people

Seriously. As I've said before,
if you're going to make a Sue,
make it worthwhile.
I like a Sue I can really hate.
All these cookie-cutter ones just...
get on my nerves.

Haha...does that even make sense?!
yeah i we can get normal everyday sues anyday. BUt if you want something to truely tear apart. Like someone who...damn i don't know. Like the Evil One. That thing always gets ripped to shreads. Notice how it hardly happened for this one?