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Boring Sue for You!

TITLE: Untitled Mighty Ducks (My, how creative!)

AUTHOR: meadow567 (And I happened to notice she had five of Meme's fics on her favorites list. I feel for you Meme. *hugs*)

NAME(S): Haley Turner

AFFILIATION: New girl at Eden Hall! Being Julie's roommate means instant friendship with the Ducks!



SPECIAL POSESSIONS/HOBBIES/TALENTS: Used to figure skate and play hockey, but it became farrrr to painful to go out on the ice after her mother's *tragic* death from cancer that we learn about in chapter two. Since it was, after all, mommy dearest that got Haley into hockey and encouraged her. Her dad, Mitchell, is kind of a heartless bastard who sends his kid off to prep school so he won't have to deal with her, and can stay at home with his new wife, Barb, instead.

HISTORY: Her dad is friends with the dean, so he has her sent to Eden Hall...her mom died of cancer a few years ago. Haley has a habbit of sneaking out of the house. Oooh, badass to the max, yo! She also had sex, once, when she was twelve, with an ex, who dumped her a few days later. Oi vey. And a pregnancy scare, to boot! Blah, blah, blah, how many times have we heard this before?

CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: She's Julie's roommate, her dad is friends with the dean, and...Fulton is in love with her! Duh!

DOES S/HE PLAY HOCKEY? IF SO DETAILS: Well, in chapter four she's randomly recruited because the Ducks need another player (something happened to Ken, I guess?), even though she hasn't played in four years after her mother's *tragic* death. So, yes. She plays hockey. In chapter four, and in chapter five, during the championship game.

NOTES: This story is just kind of lame, that's all. Pretty boring run-of-the-mill Sue-type things. Lots of use of "such-and-such started playing on the radio..." that really got on my nerves! Bah, I was bored, so this boring Sue was good enough to pass the time.

SAMPLE OF THE STORY AND LINK: The link is above, in the title. The sample, asked for it!

(From Chapter Five - Love is in the air)

"Haley!" He called out at the door. From the doorway he could see a huge hump in the bedspread, so Fulton went over. "Haley, are you ok?" A muffled noise came from underneath the covers. "What?"

"I said no," came the answer when she lifted a little bit of the cover up.

Fulton asked, "What's the matter?"

Haley lifted the cover off her face and sat up. She had a sullen look on her face and her eyes were puffy a little. "Barb's pregnant."

"And this is not good news why?" he asked.

Haley became really miffed, "Because this kid will get more respect from our father. Mitchell doesn't give a shit about me."

Fulton shoved a piece of her hair behind her ear. "Haley you don't know that."

"Fulton, when he called yesterday, I actually thought a conversation was going to go somewhere, but it didn't. We didn't fight," she replied, "but I can't believe he was that happy. It makes me seem like I'm a burden on him. An obligation he doesn't want to take part of. That's another reason to send me here."

"What are the others?"

"I promised myself I wouldn't tell anybody."

"Whoa, Haley. The relationship thing is new to me, but aren't we supposed to tell each other everything? How we feel?" He asked.

Haley looked at Fulton. "I can't. It's really horrible."

"Haley, what could be so horrible?"

"What I might say," Haley whispered. Her eyes were filling with tears. "I can't...well the reason for me hating bad." She paused. "Let's just say in Dawson Creek form."

"What does Dawson's Creek...Jen?!" He exclaimed.

"Once! Not since I was twelve, it was last year with an ex who dumped me a few days later." She told him. "I was late, I took a test to make sure. See Barb and I did get along. She knew I wouldn't think of her as a mother if they married. She was fine with the idea of a stepdaughter being a friend." She paused. "After I took the test, she saw me with it, and told my dad after I begged her not to."

"Barb was doing the right thing Haley. Your dad had to know," Fulton said.

"If I was!" She said, "I wasn't, remember?" He nodded. "Anyway, after that happened, he grounded my ass for a month. Fulton, we didn't have a father/daughter relationship ever. He never came to my hockey games, he never asked me anything like how was school. He left that to my mom."

"Ok, so he was a shitty father. So is mine, so was Charlie's before he left. At least that's what his mom said," Fulton said. "So what got you here?"

Haley told him, "First let me finish with Barb." He nodded again. "Ever since then, I couldn't trust her with anything. I became a real bitch toward her. She's really great, it's just that changed when the incident occurred. After they married, dad insisted that I call her mom. He knew how I felt about that. When we would get into an argument and Barb would tell him calm down, she would turn to me and call me honey. I would reply back telling her 'don't call me honey. You're not my mother.' We would get into a screaming match, my dad and me. That was screaming match #500 that brought me here."

"But what did you do?"

"Well, since that one day last year, I snuck out, stayed out late past my curfew, have friends over when he told me not to. The worst part was, one time I came home drunk. I don't want to relieve that day." She paused. "Before the screaming match, I borrowed the car after he told me I couldn't. I was gone for a few hours and the police found me and escorted me back home."

Fulton stared at her in shock. "My God Haley."

Haley sniffed, "I know, I was a terror." Fulton held her close telling her it's ok. "If I had one wish, I would go back a year ago and change that one night that changed my life a little."

Well, there you have it. And please, if anyone at all can explain why Fulton got that reference and I did not...clue me in. My head is spinning at this transgression.

One love,
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"'...changed my life a little'"

Oy, vey. If it didn't change her life a lot, why is she bitching about it? Parents suck when you're in high school. That's their job. Get over it.

And I don't understand how Fulton got the Dawson's Creek reference. Unless he has a crush on Katie Holmes or something... note to writers: weaving in Dawson's Creek references for your audience is amusing, when it's done well. Having your characters make reference and the Ducks pick up on that with no problem is unbelievable, unless of course it's Julie, Connie, or Guy (by virtue of being Connie's on-again, off-again squeeze), when it's just tacky.
And no, it's not amusing when Charlie makes DC references... it's trite.
gahahaha I always thought it was great.
I seem to remember some Ducks references on DC though...but I watched it in its first 3 seasons, nothing afterwords.


13 years ago

Ahh! Yes, I was just going to say that. ;)
That show was on for a long time. How could anyone, let alone a teenage guy, pick up on which character she was talking about in a sentence's time. They all did something bad at some point or another and no one who doesn't watch the show religiously is going to pick up the reference. Especially not Fulton. It's just not right.
My thoughts exactly!
Whoa...what's sad is that I actually like and watch the Dawson's Creek series all the time, and I didn't even get that reference at first. I had to read, go back, read again...Man.

And she needs to get her facts straight. Casey left Charlie's dad, not vice versa. *nods*

*sighs* This is pitiful...why do they keep writing Sues? Why?! It is not cool! Why can't they grasp that? It makes us hate them...and want to burn them at the stake...*shakes head* Will it ever end...? They have beaten the dead freaking horse here...I think it's time they stop.
This is what annoys me about dead parent sues. I've found, in my actual real-life experience, that when one parent dies, especially if the child is an only child and very young, that the remaining parent clings to the child like a life raft. That child will be allowed to grow up normally, but the remaining parent will have a devil of a time letting go. For example, once that child grows up and lives with her partner, the parent feels it necessary to call every day, sometimes more than once.

But what's real life to a Sue?

Next time a Sue-author writes a tragic past, why stop at one parent, obliterate the entire family and write an actual Duck.
Next time a Sue-author writes a tragic past, why stop at one parent, obliterate the entire family and write an actual Duck.

Amen to that!
Great, so I'm loved by a Sue Author. Why is that I can't can any respect from the people with talent, lol.
Awwwww, my poor Meme!
*showers you with respect*
Haha, not that I have talent,
but I figured it couldn't hurt.
At least I'm no Sue author!

Happy holidays, babe.
Here's hoping for a Sue-less new year!
Of course you have talent darling, you are an elite after all!

Happy Holidays to you dear, may all your Holiday wishes come true, lol. Miss you!


April 4 2005, 01:34:28 UTC 13 years ago


Anonymous posters are SO cool.

They're even cooler when they can't even get the differences between THERE-THEIR-THEY'RE down.