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TITLE: Elizabeth Grey

AUTHOR: grumpypirate

NAME(S): Elizabeth Grey

AFFILIATION: Not quite sure yet, I think she'll end up becoming a Duck though

HAIR COLOUR: My hair is long and black

EYE COLOUR: and my eyes are a sharp piercing green.


HISTORY: Liz is originally from Lexington, Texas. She's abused by her dad (an alcoholic), mom's a drug addict, her dad kills her mom and gets away with it for some reason. Her twin cousins shipped her off to Minnesota so that she'd be away from her dad. In Minnesota, she regained her strength, learning self-defense and how to play hockey. Angsty Sue alert!

CONNECTIONS TO CHARACTERS: She bumps into Fulton while skating and becomes his friend.

DOES S/HE PLAY HOCKEY? IF SO DETAILS: She does, Bombay sees her skate and asks her to join the Ducks.

NOTES: She's your typical Angsty Sue...she fits right in with the Ducks and I'm assuming that she'll be Fulton's eventual love interest. First chapter is ridden with horrible grammar and spelling, second isn't so bad, but is filled with Sue-ness. Plus, the whole story's based on her, a Sue tipoff.


My names Elizabeth Grey and this is my story. The story of how I became a duck and the choices I made and why I left them. My name is Elizabeth Ann Grey. My hair is long and black and my eyes are a sharp piercing green. I’m actually rather tall for my age but it didn’t matter to me when I was little because my friend Joan was taller than me. I lived in Lexington Texas. It’s a small town about an hour from Austin. My dad was a big drinker and was usually drunk. My mom did drugs. My sanctuary was my grandma’s house. I spent hours there with my twin cousins jack and jimmy who are my age and Preston who is a year younger than me. My life even though it was awful, became even worse when my grandma died I had nowhere left to go. If it wasn’t for jack, jimmy, and Preston living so close by I have no clue what I would have done. My parents would slap, kick and punch me especially after 1 of there many fights. On those nights I would sneak over to jimmy and jacks or persons houses and spend the night there. My aunts and uncles didn’t mind because they understood what was going on. Most of my family had disowned me because of my parents. Then came the day when my father came home drunk as usual carrying a gun. He shot my mom and then took the end of the rifle and swung it at my face. Then he turned to punching, kicking, and calling me horrible names. By the time he was done I had passed out. During the next few days I’m not sure what exactly happened but my father made up a story about how my mom died in a car crash. I wanted to tell everyone what happened but I was afraid of my father. 3 days after my moms death Preston, jimmy, and jack crept into my room with a bus ticket to Minnesota where persons sister Natasha, who was one of my favorite cousins, and her husband tony lived. I applied a ton of makeup to my face to hide the bruises. When I reached minnesota Natasha and tony took me in and cared for me. After most of by strength was back tony taught me self defense and how to skate and play hockey. I found I loved it. A few weeks after I reached minnesota Natasha and I were going shopping. She had to leave early because of a meeting her and tony had to go to. I was walking toward the shoes department when some boy on roller blades come crashing into me. That turned out to be the start of a beautiful friendship and the meeting of my best friends and a whole new life

“I’m so sorry miss.” the guy on roller blades cried.

I couldn’t help it. I had to laugh. He looked so goofy with my new “ who cares” shirt on his helmet. He started to laugh too as he pulled it off and handed it to me.

“First time skating” I asked him.

“Yeah” he replied sheepishly.

“Elizabeth Grey but call me Liz” I introduced myself.

“Fulton Reed” he replied as I helped him back up. He helped me tp pick up my bags then I helped to steady him.

“I haven’t seen you around here before. You new to this area” he questioned me.

“Yeah” I replied “ just moved in with my cousin to get away from my bastered of a father. Oh I’m so sorry bout that. You probably don’t care what I’m doing here. Besides you probably have friends waiting for you somewhere.

“They can wait. Besides at the rate I’m going I’ll get there by August.” Fulton replied with a laugh.

“Here why don’t I help you.” I said. “ I just learned how to skate too and it’s much easier when someone is helping you.”

he told me he was suppose to meet his friends at some pond in an hour. I was carrying my roller blades with me so I didn’t have to walk all the way home. After we got lost about five times we finally ended up skating towards the pond. We’d been laughing for a while about how back home me and my best friend Joan would do all of this crazy stuff that would land us in detention.

“One time it was spirit week at our school. our school colors were green and gold so us being the trouble makers we are took spray paint and painted the locker. Our excuse was that it was spirit week. We actually got off easy considering the fact that the paint wouldn’t come off the lockers.”

“ that’s a good one. I’ll have to remember that next time I plan to get into trouble” Fulton replied with a laugh.

“Hey Fult what took you so long and who’s the hot chick?” some kid with red hair and glasses called out.

“Hey guys” Fulton answered “ this is Elizabeth Grey. She’s new here and I ran into her at the mall where you guys left me. Liz this is Coach Bombay, Charlie, terry, Jessie, Connie, guy, Goldberg, tammy, Tommy, Karp, Peter, and Abverman.”

“You can all call me Liz since I’m only called Elizabeth when I’m in trouble.” I told them.

“You seem to skate really well. Know anything about hockey” Bombay asked me.

“Oh yeah.” I replied. “My cousin and her husband taught me about a month ago.”

“Well Liz would you like to play for us” he asked me.

“Sure. Why not. From what I’ve seen there’s nothing else to do around here.

“ ok Liz. Lets see what you can do. Goldberg get in the net.” Bombay ordered.

I took my blades off and put my skates on. Charlie lent me his stick and I took off on the ice. I skated around for a bit so I could get a feel of the ice. Then I took my shot. Whoosh right past Goldberg the puck sailed. A cheer rose up behind me.

We all skated around a bit until it started to get late and Bombay suggested we all go home. I put my boots that I had on earlier back on. I placed my skates and blades in one of my shopping bags and started to walk off until is heard a voice shouting for me to wait up. It was Fulton. He ran to catch up to me.

“Walk you home” he offered.

“Sure” I replied “ I could use the company.

As we walked along I told him about my parents and how my cousins helped me escape out of my bedroom window. He then told me about how his mom left him and his dad when he was little and about how his dad works two jobs to support him. For some reason he understood me and I understood him.
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