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reference post

Well, I was criticized on the last post I made for not 'helping' the Sue-author (because OMGZ I'M SO MEAN!!!!1111ONE!!), so I decided to make a list of helpful Mary Sue sites to be used to educate Sue-authors of their offenses (plus, I was really bored) Most of them define the Mary Sue (in broad detail), while there's one great quiz. These are resources other than (which is great in it's own right)

Informational Mary-Sue Links
-The Official Mary Sue Manual A brief overview of the Mary Sue. Multifandom
-Mary Sue and Family all the generic Mary Sues
- The Essential Guide to Mary Sue A great in-depth analysis of Mary Sues. (mostly for the Lord of the Rings)
-A quiz that determines whether or not your OC is a Sue from the answers you choose For RPGs and fanfiction. It's a great tool.
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